EXCLUSIVE: Prince Diagnosed With Aids Weeks Before Death.

by MusicCreedLive on April 29, 2016
Ever since the death of legendary singer and pop icon Prince Rogers Nelson, many fans have speculated the reason behind his untimely passing. 
Many fans speculated that the singer was victim to foul play and other suspected it was either health related or that he had overdosed from drug use. We confirmed before that the private jet of the former singer had stopped on route from a performance because he had experienced flu-like systems and things had got a little hairy health wise, but it was revealed that the star was okay but later is was revealed that Doctors had wanted him to stay much longer than what he had initially stayed. 
Later the singer was supposedly revealed to be frequently circling or commuting to a local Walgreen close to his residence in Minnesota, however, the reason behind this was never revealed. Doctors stated that the star had possibly overdosed ...
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Album Stream: Drake 'Views From the 6'

by MusicCreedLive on April 29, 2016
Drake is known for many different things in the celebrity industry. The Toronto native is known for dating many other stars like Serena Williams, Karruche Tran and even the likes of Rihanna.
The 29-year-old is known dominantly for the rap skills he brings to the industry. It was once implied that the rapper doesn't write his own songs and more but in the industry, it was revealed that no one writes ever single they release. Still, whoever writes the song, he delivers his own style to it. 
This can be seen in many ways that we currently won't speak about seeing that we bring you a more important task at hand. The task we speak about is Drake releasing the official album or sixth album titled 'Views From the Six.' The rapper not long ago released the tracklist for his album and also the cover art.
Now the ...
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Lil Wayne Take Pic With Rick Ross & Trick Daddy.

by MusicCreedLive on April 28, 2016
Rapper Lil Wayne had been out the loop of the music industry for a while. This could be understandable seeing that his absence was steaming from the financial battle he and former friend and some what family members and fellow rapper Birdman.
However, even though the rapper has been mia because of the subject for a while it seems like he never had left when he returned in various other things like commercials and more. It also was revealed that Birdman and Lil Wayne had allegedly settled their differences and worked out a payment plan for the star. 
However, things may still be rotten over there at Cash Money. Recently, at the kick-off of Beyonce's Formation Tour, the Lil Wayne took a picture with fellow rappers Rick Ross and Trick Daddy. However, the picture isn't the thing that really is the topic of talk but the rapper taking ...
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Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Conversation.

by MusicCreedLive on April 26, 2016
Jimmy Fallon is known for many different things and acts, parodies, live performances, and much more. And like clockwork, Fallon has found another away to entertain his fans and viewers. 
With that said, Monday night, the host took the late-night show into a lip-synching laugh fest with his beautiful guest Ariana Grande.
The two engaged in a hilarious lip syncing conversation. The conversation was the two bantered back and forth about the unusual things going on in the social media- was replaced by a lot of different single or track snippets from various stars like Rihanna, Sia, Frank Sinatra, Lukas Graham, Tone Loc, Justin Bieber and more.
It must be noted that even at one point Grande's own music was used in the synching. 
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Prince: Cremated & Laid To Rest in Beautiful PriVate Ceremony.

by MusicCreedLive on April 23, 2016
Just days ago, we lost one of the greatest musicians and artists of our age aka Prince Rogers Nelson aka Prince.
The star was reported unresponsive at his estate in Minnesota, which later spokesman for the star reported that our fears were true and the rumors were also. The spokesman reported that the star has in fact passed.
From that point, the world and fans went wild with so many people going to their social networks and paying tribute to the 'Purple Rain' singer and legend. For days now people have been waiting to be informed on how the artist died or what caused the actors untimely passing.
Coroners had stated that the test was in a they know however they are not disclosing information at this time. Today, I inform you that the legend has been cremated or remains were cremated and that the ceremony was only for and ...
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Birdman Apologizes to the Breakfast Club, Banned & Not Welcome Back.

by MusicCreedLive on April 23, 2016
Yesterday, we revealed that rapper Birdman had decided to stop by the Breakfast Club where he was scheduled for an interview. 
However, it seems things didn't go according to plan. Birdman had decided to walk into the studio or interview and proceeded to aggressively talk down to and indirectly threaten the Breakfast Club team that consisted of Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee. 
The rapper told the three to never disrespect his name again and basically to never make his name a bad thing in the industry when they are referring to him. After his long declaration, and a one on one with the Breakfast Club or predominantly Charlemagne tha God, Birdman stormed out the interview and left the building. After hearing this and seeing the video, everyone to fellow rappers and still fans with once fans started to bash the rapper and make memes about the ...
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BREAKING: Prince was Treated For Drug Overdose Days Prior to Death.

by MusicCreedLive on April 22, 2016
The world was and is still in shock as the news broke that one of the greatest and most influential musicians of our time, Prince, had passed away at his home in Minnesota on Thursday(4/21/2016). 
Law enforcement had stated that the 'Purple Rain' icon was found in his home unresponsive. Later his spokesman openly confirmed that Prince Rogers Nelson had passed. The world including other stars was in complete shock and some openly stated that they were beyond sad and stars like Justin Timberlake stated that he was frozen and couldn't move after hearing the news. 
Still many people wanted to know what was the reason behind the star's death seeing that it was not revealed. It was stated prior that Prince was severely sick with the flu and this is the reason why his plane was ground a few weeks prior to his death ...
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