Aretha Franklin Dies at 76.

by MusicCreedLive on August 16, 2018
(Photo Credit: ZUMA Press ~ Atlantic Records)
The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin has passed today at the age of 76.
Franklin, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, died in Detroit. The legendary Memphis born singer was diagnosed with cancer back in 2010 and announced last year that she was retiring from the role of the musician. 
Franklin was known for many legendary songs over her long seven-decade career. She is well known for songs like being Respect and Think. The late great singer gave her final performance just last November at a Gala in New York that was held in aid of the Elton John Aids Foundation. 
Franklin was also a gospel singer/pianist and a celebrated Baptist preacher and was tutored in the arts at an early age by such gospel stars as Mahalia Jackson and Clara Ward. Franklin had struggled to find fame ...
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Connor Mcgregor Refuse to Return to UFC.

by MusicCreedLive on August 13, 2018
UFC champion and Ireland native Connor Mcgregor has just revealed that he will not be returning to the UFC.
The MMA star announced that his return will be halted and he will not return to fight until the league permits the use of a recently banned substance he has relied heavily on for years. 
Connor, 29, admitted publically that he was using the substance to prepare for a fight. These particular fights were against Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz and most recently in his victory against Eddie Alvarez. The UFC started the probe earlier this year into what regimens and supplements athletes signed to the UFC were following and using that allowed them to make weight in record-setting time and recently banned the substance last month. 
Mcgregor revealed that he doesn't take any illegal drugs and the ones he does use are only supplements that all athletes take. 
Mcgregor revealed ...
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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Are Finally Engaged.

by MusicCreedLive on July 27, 2018
Love is in the air! 
First, it was revealed that songstress Ariana Grande is engaged to Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin was being engaged also. 
Now it's been revealed that stars Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are set to join in union. 
The two, who were revealed to have been dating for approximately two months, made it official last week in London on Chopra's 36th birthday, PEOPLE. 
According to PEOPLE, Jonas, 25, decided to shut down a Tiffany Jewelry store in New York City to buy an engagement ring before popping the question. 
The guys over at Entertainment Weekly has reached out to their representatives for comment on the subject. 
Earlier this month, they were also spotted wearing matching gold rings. However, the accessories weren't on that finger, they did look like they were head over heels as they sported the matching jewelry.
The ...
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Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Stock Plunges & Mark Zuckerberg Loses $17B.

by MusicCreedLive on July 26, 2018
Facebook founder, creator, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now still on the winning end but loosing in at the same time when it pertains to his company and fortune. 
Facebook's stock has plunged 20% in after-hours trading Wednesday following a disappointing earnings report, CEO Zuckerberg lost $17.6 billion in net worth.
Mark Zuckerberg, 34, who was just worth as much as $86 billion, is now worth $68.9 Billion after the plunge. This plunge is also based on the regulatory filing with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The figures also include $2.7 billion in cash and real estate, according to Bloomberg's Billionaire index. 
This shockingly moved Mark Zuckerberg from being the third wealthiest person in the world to being the sixth below Warren Buffet, Bernard Arnault, and Zara's Amancio Ortega. 
Zuckerberg’s paper losses come after Facebook revealed mixed earnings and slowing growth during ...
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Detroit Clothing Retailer to Block Eminem Trademark.

by MusicCreedLive on July 26, 2018
eminem trademark dispute
It has been revealed that a Detroit retailer has been trying to block a trademark sought by rapper Eminem. 
The person in question who name is Clement Brown is a fashion designer who currently operated the Three Thirteen shop that is currently located on East Jefferson Avenue. Brown who is also known as Fame has reportedly held a trademark for his Three Thirteen brand since 2010, according to USPTO.GOV or U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Records. 
Brown had decided to contest a trademark that was filed in June 2017 by Eminem for an apparel line dubbed E13. However, in Eminem's logo, the "E" is rendered backward, creating the visual effect of "313" — Detroit's area code. The rapper's application is still pending. 
Eminem's clothing line had been launched in 2016 and was an apparent partnership with Carhartt and included E13- branded sweatshirts, hats and much ...
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Demi Lovato in In Stable Condition.

by MusicCreedLive on July 25, 2018
Singer and Songwriter Demi Lovato are reportedly in stable condition after she had reportedly overdosed off of Heroine. The update comes from PEOPLE who has confirmed the story after she was found by paramedics, according to also an audio recording of the 911 call published by the guys over at TMZ.
The source has revealed that when Lovato,25, publically split with her life coach Mike Bayer, some in the stars inner circle feared it was the dude to her believing she could be controlled substances responsibly. 
“The disease Demi has is a vicious liar and it’s been telling her for some time that she can use just a little, just one or two drinks, nothing too serious, nothing bad will happen, she can keep it under control,” says the source. “And when she could, for a few months, it seemed like vindication to her, proof that she could ...
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Jeff Bezos Officially Becomes $50B Richer Than Anyone Else.

by MusicCreedLive on July 10, 2018
Jeff Bezos has been the name who has been on everyone's tongue since six years back when he purchased the NY Times for over $100M. Well last year, Bezos had been revealed to be now the richest person on the planet currently.
It was revealed that the Amazon CEO had taken the first place on the Forbes list from longtime reigner Bill Gates. 
Well as of Tuesday, according to estimates by Forbes, Jeff Bezos has broken another current record. Forbes revealed that the Amazon founder and CEO has a net worth of $143.1 billion making him $50 billion richer than any other person on the planet. 
Bezos net worth when he was first declared the wealthiest person in the world last year was at least $90 billion. Bill Gates who, again, took the number one spot for years always gave most of his fortune to charity. 
Like a ...
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