Chris Brown Shares A Beautiful Picture of Him & Daughter & Speaks about Wendy Williams Illness.

by MusicCreedLive on February 23, 2018
 Chris Brown Shares A Beautiful Picture of Him & Daughter & Speaks about Wendy Williams Illness.
Chris Brown may just well be one of the greatest pop stars of all time. He is known for his extremely exceptional and unique ability to put out or release music that no matter what the case is, everyone can listen to and love rather they love him or not. 
However, Brown adds another great ability to his resume and that is being an exceptional dad who likes to pay homage to his daughter. Just recently Chris Brown took to Twitter and released a side by side photo of himself and his daughter Royalty Brown without any doubt pay homage to his daughter and showing her off to the world as he normally does. 
 Chris Brown Shares A Beautiful Picture of Him & Daughter & Speaks about Wendy Williams Illness.
You can't lie. The 3-year-old Royalty looks just like Brown or gets her looks more so from her famous dad than her mother Nia Guzman. 
As mentioned, Brown usually shows off himself and Royalty but ...
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Fergie Apologizes for National Anthem.

by MusicCreedLive on February 20, 2018
Fergie has officially released an apology for her take on of the National Anthem at or during 2018 NBA All-Star Game. Many fans, stars and also athletes laughed at her version of the National Anthem or a supposedly jazzy rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner." 
Well, many people said that Fergie was off key and it was extremely painful to listen to. This is what Fergie said in an apology:
I've always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I'm a risk taker artistically, but clearly, this rendition didn't strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best.
The performance was stated to have been viewed by 7.7 million on TNT. 
Do you believe that Fergie needed to apologize? What do you think? Let MusicCreedLive know by commenting below ...
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Quincy Jones Talks Taylor Swift, 22 Girlfriends, Donald Glover & Racism in Ireland.

by MusicCreedLive on February 2, 2018
Quincy Jones is one of the greatest and most influential people in music. He is one of the greatest producers, entrepreneurs and more who paved the way for hundreds of artist over the years. Still, with all of Jones accomplishments, it seems that he still has no plan on stopping or retiring. 
This is basically what the soon to 85 years old told the guys at GQ anyway. Jones stated that he plans on to live at least to the age of 110. Jones revealed that he was going through some treatments he's been undergoing at an exclusive hospital in Stockholm, Sweden for six days each year. 
Jones who again is one of the most prolific figures in music talked about Taylor Swift and the music of today. Jones stated: "We need more songs, man," the mega-producer said. "Fucking songs, not hooks." "Knowing what you're doing. You know ...
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Selena Gomez & The Weekend Spotted Kissing

by MusicCreedLive on January 12, 2017
Its early this year, and love is already in the air. 
Probably not for everyone but for stars Selena Gomez and The Weekend. The 24-year old songstress and the 26-year-old Canadian native Ethiopian singer were spotted getting a little cozy together. 
The two were spotted heading out of Giorgio Baldi restaurant on Tuesday night (January 10) in Santa Monica, California.
In the photos, you can see Selena wrapping her arms around The Weeknd before he turns and gives her a nice kiss on the lips. 
The "Feel My Face" singer had previously dated Bella Hadid, who is sisters of model Gigi Hadid. It should be noted that Selena and Gigi are friends so I hope this doesn't cause any real drama between the stars.
But they make a beautiful couple. Like Big Sean and Ariana use to be. I like it. 
What do you think? Let MusicCreedLive know by ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Prince Diagnosed With Aids Weeks Before Death.

by MusicCreedLive on April 29, 2016
Ever since the death of legendary singer and pop icon Prince Rogers Nelson, many fans have speculated the reason behind his untimely passing. 
Many fans speculated that the singer was victim to foul play and other suspected it was either health related or that he had overdosed from drug use. We confirmed before that the private jet of the former singer had stopped on route from a performance because he had experienced flu-like systems and things had got a little hairy health wise, but it was revealed that the star was okay but later is was revealed that Doctors had wanted him to stay much longer than what he had initially stayed. 
Later the singer was supposedly revealed to be frequently circling or commuting to a local Walgreen close to his residence in Minnesota, however, the reason behind this was never revealed. Doctors stated that the star had possibly overdosed ...
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Rihanna Addresses The Feud Between Her & Beyonce.

by MusicCreedLive on March 20, 2016
Rihanna is a name that has been in the music industry for about a decade now. The singer is known for her many hit tracks and singles and also who she had a relationship with and much more. 
However, the singer is also known for her apparent feud with fellow singer and music icon Beyonce. Ever since Rihanna was brought out by husband of Beyonce and fellow musician/rap mogul Jay-Z, rumors have been swirling around that Jay-Z and Rihanna may have had a undercover relationship and more. The rumor that Beyonce was talking about leaving the rapper didn't help the former rumor whatsoever.
Even years later it was stated that the two said they would never work with each other, however, this rumor was never confirmed all though the two haven't made a single together at all. The non-interaction between the to made for more and more ...
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Kurt Cobain: Police Release Picture of Suicide Shotgun Star Killed Himself With.

by MusicCreedLive on March 19, 2016
Kurt Cobain: Police Release Picture of Suicide Shotgun Star Killed Himself With.
In yet another authentic attempt to quell the many conspiracy theories circling about the death of rock star Kurt Cobain, Seattle authorities are showing a particular or key piece of evidence from the sad chapter of Cobain's life.
Cobain, 27, was found in his Seattle home dead on April 8, 1994. The musician's death was ruled a unfortunate suicide.
Now, this week Seattle released five new photos showing a detective examining the case and holding the apparent suicide weapon or a Remington shotgun. 
CBS News asked for the photos in a highly publicized record request just to dispel the various amounts of rumors going around that the shotgun had been melted down in order to hide evidence in a supposed coverup of a potential murder. 
Seattle Police say they've released hundreds of documents and dozens of pics that involved the death of Cobain, however, never before have ...
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