Kanye West Gets Trump to Back Criminal Justice Reform.

October 19, 2018
Kanye West Gets Trump to Back Criminal Justice Reform.
Kanye West has been in the news for many reasons. The star received backlash for a while now for his apparent support of President Donal Trump. 
Even black people are scolding Kanye West calling him a person who support racist, which they were referring to Trump. Many stated that Kanye West had been losing his mind and quote on quote "being a coon and a traitor."
However, it was revealed that Kanye West's embrace of Trump may have been more strategic than anything. It was revealed that Kanye West's literal embrace of President Trump was to sway Trump to pay more attention to criminal justice reform. 
In an interview with Fox News on the morning of his meeting with West, Trump signaled that he was ready to go beyond “back-end” reform, which focuses on rehabilitation of inmates, and support “front-end” reform, which focuses on reducing sentences and sending fewer people to prison.
Trump's remark was pertaining to Alice Johnson, who was a first time offender who received a life sentence in 1996 for participating in a Memphis cocaine-trafficking organization, has described herself as “a telephone mule, passing messages between the distributors and sellers.” While serving nearly 22 years in federal prison, she became a grandmother and great-grandmother, an ordained minister and a mentor to other inmates.
Although it took the intercession of a fellow reality TV star for Trump to free Johnson, he clearly was impressed by her story. More important, he recognizes that Johnson, whom he calls “the most incredible woman,” is not unique in receiving an absurdly disproportionate sentence for a nonviolent crime.
“You have many people like Mrs. Johnson,” Trump said on Fox News. “There are people in jail for really long terms.”
It should be noted that Trump did not say the solution is more commutations, even though those would certainly be welcome. “There has to be a reform because it’s very unfair right now,” he said. “It’s very unfair to African-Americans. It’s very unfair to everybody.”
Trump reportedly has a lot of praise for criminal justice reforms in Georgia and Texas. These reforms had allowed for decreased criminal activity and reduced prison populations.  “They really have done a tremendous job with reform.” 
Well, many may not think that Trump was sincere. However, Jason Pye, the vice president of legislative affairs at FreedomWorks stated that “I believe the president was sincere." 
It must be noted that not all are a fan reform and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one of those who is no fan of sentencing reform, which may count in its favor, as far as Trump is concerned.
If Sessions does not get on board with “prison reform,” Trump said on Fox News, “then he gets overruled by me because I make the decision.”
If West gets Trump to make good on his promise this will be a win for most. 
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