Kanye West Gifts Wife Kim Kardashian With Partnership in Yeezy Empire.

October 8, 2018
Kanye West just may one of the best husbands out there. 
West basically is known for doing outrageous things in the media for the past several years. However, he is also known for protecting and spoiling his children and his wife and superstar Kim Kardashian West. West recently was said to have gifted his wife with a million dollar check and more.
Now it has been revealed that West has decided to go even further West was revealed to have showered his extremely loving and loyal wife with stocks. West has also decided to make Kim K part-owner of his magnificent YEEZY brand. Kim K broke the news on model Ashley Graham's 'Pretty Big Deal' podcast. 
West had reportedly given Kim a percentage of YEEZY as a Mother's Day gift and for constantly showering her loyalty or being extremely loyal to West when he did questionable things and also not doing business with another brand. 
"A brand offered me a million dollars to do a post on, you know some of their clothing. And they typically...! I don't want to say who the brand is, but they typically knock off YEEZY, Kim stated. 
After refusing to take part in the whole thing, Kim had received the million dollar check, a contract for part ownership of YEEZY. 
Kim stated "I open the envelope and its a million-dollar check and it was a note saying, 'Thank you for always supporting me and not posting.' and then, in the rest of the envelope, it was a contract to be an owner of YEEZY and my percentage." 
Even though love was on West's mind and both Kim, this is a good move. Kim's involvement will allow Kanye, who hasn't seemingly been able to focus on his craft lately, to rest while his wife holds things down for the time being. Also, Kim is a genius marketer learned from her mother Kris. Kim also has an extremely strong and loyal fanbase too.
All these things spell success and a jump in profit for the West family.
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Reporting: Ivanka Boglárka
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