Kanye West Jumps on Table at Detroit College & Rant About Elon Musk

October 4, 2018
Kanye West has been in the media for various things these past few days. First West posted himself on social media wearing a Make American Great Again Trump hat, while basically talking about voting to abolish the Amendment that actually abolished or outlawed slavery in America. The same amendment that helps outlaw blacks from being enslaved in America for sure. 
Yes, Kanye West actually talked about getting rid of this. Now, West is in the media yet again and we reported that he took his antics to Detroit. When I say Detroit, Michigan, I'm speaking about more specifically a college in the big city. West took a tour of the Detroit College for Creative Studies Tuesday afternoon. 
During his visit or tour, West decided to hop up on a table a rant about billionaire Elon Musk's trouble over the alleged stock fraud. West was reported telling his audience "leave that man the fuck alone."
West went on to say that quote on quote "I don't care who's over at his house, leave that man alone." 
West is, again, clearly referencing the recent Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit against Musk for alleged securities fraud concerning a tweet the Telsa CEO posted back in August that claimed he had secured funding to take the company private. 
All these allegations started to arose after it was proliferated on social media by former artist Azealia Banks who was at Musk's home. Banks and Musk were reportedly dating. West may be referring to Banks when he mentioned he doesn't care who was at Musk's house. Many don't know if Banks statement actually played a strong part in the SEC investigation. However, this won't be ruled out as a pivotal factor just yet. 
The guys at the Detroit Free Press pointed out that West visit to Detroit also included a stop at one Campus Martius with StockX CEO Josh Luber,  and Quicken Loans found and Chairman Dan Gilbert, who is headquartered in the D. 
West feels that Musk and many others are making huge innovations in the world and that these allegations are interrupting the creativity of Musk and other.
Still, West is causing so much stir and even his fans are questioning the legitimacy of his rants now. Many people think and many have said that West has and has almost lost all credibility. 
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Reporting: Tyson Marcus
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Source: Detroit Free Press








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