Jeff Bezos Officially Becomes $50B Richer Than Anyone Else.

July 10, 2018
Jeff Bezos has been the name who has been on everyone's tongue since six years back when he purchased the NY Times for over $100M. Well last year, Bezos had been revealed to be now the richest person on the planet currently.
It was revealed that the Amazon CEO had taken the first place on the Forbes list from longtime reigner Bill Gates. 
Well as of Tuesday, according to estimates by Forbes, Jeff Bezos has broken another current record. Forbes revealed that the Amazon founder and CEO has a net worth of $143.1 billion making him $50 billion richer than any other person on the planet. 
Bezos net worth when he was first declared the wealthiest person in the world last year was at least $90 billion. Bill Gates who, again, took the number one spot for years always gave most of his fortune to charity. 
Like a majority of the world's wealthiest people, Jeff's net worth is connected to his companies performance on the big market or stock market. Bezos owns about 16% of Amazon, and the stocks for Amazon are above and beyond and show no indication of slowing down. 
Amazon's stock is selling for well over $1,700 at this particular point. Just last year in October, Amazon's stock was selling for no more than 1,000. On Monday 
On Monday, Amazon's stock had popped about 2%, which resulted in boosting Jeff Bezos's net worth by another $2.24B. It has also been revealed that shoppers will go extremely wild for Amazon Prime Day 2018, which is the annual blockbuster online sales event. When that inevitably happens, investors will probably find the new reason to buy more Amazon stock - nudging Jeff Bezos's net worth much higher than even now. 
Amazon Prime Day 2018 is set to stretch well over 36 hours starting on the afternoon of Monday, July 16, and continuing through Tuesday, July 17. 
Amazon says that there are now more than 100 million paid Prime members worldwide, and Amazon Prime Day is always correlated with an increase in memberships.
Congrats Jeff Bezos!!
Reporting: Tyson Marcus
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