Meek Mill Will Team up With Amazon for Six-Part Series.

May 3, 2018
Meek Mill is becoming one of the prime celebrities that everyone wants to be around and listen to him speak and amongst many other things. 
The Philadelphia based rapper and superstar were just released from prison a few days ago after being wrongfully imprisoned by a judge who had motives behind doing so. After the release of the rapper, fans and the world stood behind the rapper and wanted to hear exactly what happened to him during his wrongfully time behind bars. 
Well, it seems that Amazon has picked up on the world's desire to back and listen to Meek. 
After a week since being released, Amazon is teaming up with Meek Mill for a project that is currently untitled. 
It is said that the project will be a series that follows Meek's battle for exoneration and post-prison life, while also attempting to expose the flaws and corruption in the criminal justice system.
The series is said to be expected to premiere in 2019 on Amazon Prime. 
Reporting: Stewart Townsand 
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