Kanye West's "Slavery was a Choice" Statement May Have Been Misinterpreted.

May 2, 2018
Kanye West is known for his many antics in the public eye like his various mental breakdowns and more which I must note happened after his mother died. 
But recently West has been in the spotlight for what people call more unsavory antics. One of the unsavory things I speak of is Kanye reportedly wearing a "Lets Make America Great Again" hat that which is supposedly connected with racism and President Donald Trump. 
Fans and fellow stars started to crucify Kanye for the showing. Just recently Kanye West set down with the guys from TMZ where Kanye West revealed a few things. One such thing upset Van and that was Kanye's statement about slavery being a choice. The internet was set on fire by West's quote. However, I believe West was misunderstood or the Quote was misunderstood. 
Many people took Kanye's quote as a so-called coon statement and took it in a negative way. However, they missed the statement where Kanye said that you were in this position for 400 years, which is a long time for people to have been enslaved. West openly stated that being enslaved for '400 years' sound like a choice and that you were there for 400 years and its all of you. It must be noted that people like the Haitian people did fight back their oppressor on the Island and won with bricks and machetes and nothing more.
What Kanye West stated is for 400 years all these people were enslaved by a group of people and why didn't none of you ban together as a whole and free yourselves. This is what I took out of Kanye West's statement. I must admit that the statement could have been said a little better but this is what you have. What Kanye West speak of is still going on today. Black people are supposedly still oppressed however, they still have more freedom to move freely as they do today. 
Why don't they come together and make a difference together to the point no system could oppress them again?! However, you have other blacks oppressing other blacks right here in America. Other blacks look down on other blacks for having less instead of helping that other black like other ethnic groups will help each other. Also, blacks do marginalize themselves even more now by not working together and capitalizing on the things they create no matter what it is. I've noticed blacks are easy going to overs about coming into their culture but others even the Asians like myself know that this is a no-no. It's not wise to bring people into a market you create especially if you are already being marginalized. I have a black husband and he told me and I've seen things that happen in the black community that keeps them being marginalized and Kanye West is shining light on it. 
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Reporting: Catherine Chu
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