Forbes 2018 Hip Hop Wealthiest List Revealed ~ Jay-Z Tops List.

March 1, 2018
2018 Hip Hop Wealthiest List Revealed ~ Jay-Z Tops List
The annual Forbes Hip-Hop wealthiest artist list brings many fans out to see who or which one of their favorite hip-hop/rap moguls have surpassed who or even mad the top 5 and even topped the list. 
We'll the new list is out and we have our top five wealthiest rap artist for 2018. It seems that Jay-Z aka Sean Carter has topped the list this year and brought in a whopping $900M and rising his fortune $90million is just one year from last years $810M. Jay-Z fortune elevation is reported to come from the rising value of his interest in Armand de Brignac Champagne and D'Usse' cognac and also from his stake in Roc Nation and the streaming service Tidal. 
Unsurprisingly, Sean Combs more so known as Diddy came in the number two place with over $815M and increased his fortune only slightly in the past year. Diddy made his slight up in fortune from tepid trends in vodka and cable TV sectors which have both affected his interests in Ciroc and Revolt. However, his net worth trending in the right direction which is up.
The third place goes to Dr. Dre with $770M. Dre wealth seems to be creeping upward thanks to the market trends boosting his wealth windfall from the 2014 acquisition of Beats by Apple. Dre's fortune rose steadily in 2017 from the stock he currently has in Apple. 
The fourth place goes to both Drake and Eminem who both tied at an even $100M a piece. Cash Money Records boss, Birdman, slips below with about $100M after some of the things he owned were liquidated. 
You can really expect these figures to change as the year progresses seeing that its only March. 
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Reporting: Tyson Marcus
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