Barbara Streisand Dog Successfully Cloned.

February 27, 2018
Barbara Streisand Dog Successfuly Cloned
Barbra Streisand reveals that she successfully cloned her dog, who name is Samantha before she passed in 2007. 
Streisand revealed to the guys over at Variety that her pooches, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, were both cloned from Samantha a Coton du Tulear -- who died at 14. She says the cells were harvested from cells taken from Sam's mouth and stomach.
Barbara Streisand Dog Successfuly Cloned
She also has a cousin of Samantha's who allegedly looks identical to the clone pooches. She is revealed to have frequently posted a few pictures of the 3 pooches, however, no one knew that these pooches actually came from or were clones of Samantha. 
Barbara Streisand Dog Successfuly Cloned
It was reported by the guys over at TMZ that the cloning process can be as pricey as $50k or as much as $100K, which is chump change compared to what Barbie can afford to fork over. Science is really taking a turn for the best. Don't be surprised if the complex ability to clone human beings starts to become simple as ever. 
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Reporting: Mina Minehle
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