Origins of Hip Hop/Rap ~ Genre Was Not Created in the Bronx.

February 26, 2018
Origins of Hip Hop/Rap ~ Genre Was Not Created in the Bronx.
Hip-Hop/Rap is one of the greatest and is the most prolific music genre of the new age. The art form of music that tells both the gritty and good times in life coming from people of Urban communities or Black Americans. As of today, the musical art form was said to be the most listened to out of all genres and the most loved music genre. The art form not only comes with exceptional stories to tell from the people who created the genre aka blacks but it also channels some parts of black culture that includes the way some blacks talk, dress, gesture and the things they go through. 
The genre has brought many people together and became a voice of the people. However, many people are totally left and right on the origins of the genre. Over the years you may have heard that the genre roots was started in Bronx, New York and was created by blacks with Hispanic/Latinos. Well to clear up the origins of the genre, we've done hard research and tracked the origins of the genre. We've found out that hip-hop is much older than the USA and all other things. To find the origins of hip-hop/rap you would have to go over to Africa. Hip Hop/Rap was created in West Africa millennia ago or thousands of years ago. Just like most of the instruments that are used in modern music aka violin (Goje), Guitar (Banjo), Piano (Mbira), Harp and more all has its roots and was first created, West Africa. Rap/Hip Hop was created by West Africans and it was called toasting. When someone would toast they would basically read things or more so poetry over beats of drums and other instruments. 
Sounds familiar right? Over the millennia, the art form stayed just as the instruments have. However, during other races incursion on Africa, many other races and ethnic groups took more so the instruments and other things Africans created and changed the name on them and washed the origins of where any inventions actually came from while taking full credit of the invention. A lot of West Africans were enslaved but both the knowledge of rap/hip-hop and the creations of these instruments came with them in memory. Africans were transported all over the world but more so to the Americas even though they first were expelled from Europe after dysfunction came after they started fighting between each other when they were known as the Moors, which is also how their West African guitars were introduced into Europe or Spain aka the Banjo. 
Africans came to America and of course, some of their cultures came with them. They built instruments to use in their downtime from memory aka the Banjo and Goje aka Violin and started singing spirituals of life and hardship and added traditional dance which would later be known as Country Music. They also did the same thing in Central America and added dance which would later be called Salsa and Tango aka African romance dances, which the only thing that Europe contributed to the arts were their language like Spanish aka Latin and nothing more. The dances and instruments were a solely African origin. 
Throughout the years, Africans now known as blacks somewhat stopped practicing openly the art of country music and toasting and started creating other genres like Blues, Rock N' Roll and sometimes incorporated the art by rhyming quickly over songs or singing in a toasting quick way as the Founder of Rock N' Roll Little Richard did or was known for. Many mainland blacks practice the art of toasting off and on but the Blacks of the island of Jamaica kept the art form alive and practiced it thoroughly. Years past and blacks would create other genres like Soul, Funk and would lean farther from their created genre of Rock or they may have been gentrified from it seeing they didn't opt to own their art form. Throughout these years people like the Temptations, Delfonics and other would toast from time to time as the Temptations done in their song 'Ball of Confusion." 
Stars like James Brown laid the final work for the name change of the art of toasting and normally raped in his music. However, Brown didn't only change the style but he and his team actually laid the foundation for the hardcore beats that were used in later years in the rap industry. Years pass again and Blacks would step into Djing or MCing and create another genre called Techno in Detroit, MI or three extremely young black males would and would use hip-hop/rap like beats or actually solidified the beats for the genre to be created. Now, the story of the Bronx comes into play. Hip-Hop/Rap didn't start in the Bronx but it did outright bring back the art form on a large scale to the media again. So the question of did anyone else creates hip-hop/rap besides blacks?
The answer is no, Black ancestors created the art form millennia ago but Latino/Hispanic people were around the blacks when they were practicing the art form and did enjoy the genre and only helped added one thing and it wasn't for the music but dances called b-boying. It must be noted that Hispanic/Latino is not a race but a nationality and there are hundreds upon hundreds of millions of blacks in Latin/America and the vast majority of Spanish, Portuguese, Sicilian, French and many others are descendants of Moorish(Black African) men and European women. 
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By. Leonardo Agostino








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