Jesse Williams to Produce & Star in Harry Belafonte Biopic.

April 2, 2016
harry belafonte
Biopics are films or on screen (rather big or little(tv)) stories about people lives or cinema that basically chronicle the lives, which the lives being chronicled on the screen are usually people who were well known in the world or made a very pivotal impact on the world itself. 
This description is what we will see in a new up and coming biopic about actor and legend Harry Belafonte. Not much was known about the film that was set to chronicle the life of the thespian himself, or that is at least until now.
It is recently revealed that Grey's Anatomy star and activist Jesse Williams has plans to produce and star in a biopic about his fellow civil rights icon and entertainer.
The actors choice to play both the activist and entertainer comes at no surprise seeing that Williams is one of the most active actors in activism itself and the use to express his opinion and involvement in social media just like Belafonte without the social media. 
The star was heavily involved in the Justice for Flint concert which brought the residents together with celebrities and performers to raise awareness about the water crisis. 
Williams speaking on the reason behind his love for activism and more.
“I have an awesome job that I love, but there’s this magnetic force that is constantly pulling me toward activism,” Williams said of his passion. “I just have to do it. I’m a father now, I’ve got responsibilities, and there’s only 24 hours in a day.”
He added that he would always like to do more but that his time was constrained, and he was not only a husband and father but was working on three films.
“I’ve got to practice saying no for my own sanity,” he said. “I’m really exhausting myself, to be honest.”
With that said, what do you think? Do you think Williams would be great starring in and producing the biopic about Harry Belafonte? Let us know by commenting below.































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