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Chris Brown Talks Rihanna's Constantly Abusing Him & Fighting.

by MusicCreedLive on August 17, 2017
chris brown, rihanna, welcome to my life
Years ago, Chris Brown career first started to go left field after he and his fight with ex-girlfriend and fellow pop sensation Rihanna. The same fight that left Rihanna battered and beaten and Chris Brown also with scratches. 
However, Chris Brown career did some what grow again after he then showed how sincere he truly was. Still, even though his career did come back a little, many fans asked what caused the actor the star to react the way he did again Rihanna. Many wondered why Chris Brown was staying so quiet during the whole ordeal and even losing his endorsement deals and even almost his career and more?
We'll it seems after years of being accused solely for what happened that night, Brown has finally come out and confirmed what many had been speculating. A piece of Chis Brown's documentary named 'Chris Brown: Welcome to my Life ...
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Bruno Mars Donates $1M to Flint Water Efforts.

by MusicCreedLive on August 13, 2017
bruno mars, donate, flint water
The Flint Water crisis, which millions upon millions of people are calling a terrorist attack that caused at least 12 deaths and other effects, has added another donated to its list to help with the efforts.
It has just been revealed that Grammy Award winning singer, Bruno Mars has revealed that he plans on donating $1 million from a concert in Michigan to aid those affected by the Flint water crisis. Mars said he and tour promoter Live Nation would redirect funds from the performance at Auburn Hills to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.
In a complete statement, Mars stated: "I'm very thankful to the Michigan audience for joining me in supporting this cause.
"Ongoing challenges remain years later for Flint residents, and it's important that we don't forget our brothers and sisters affected by this disaster."
Mars is currently traveling across the US for his ...
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44th Anniversary: True History of Hip-Hop!

by MusicCreedLive on August 12, 2017


44th anniversary of hip hop, history of hip hop
Throughout the years many people have listened to the story telling, African American origin or created, strong and exceptional beat fueled musical genre called Hip-Hop. Still, many different accounts of where the history of the genre started is a bit sketchy on one end. One side or 88% say that Black Americans undisputedly created the genre with other stating that Puerto Rican people of the Bronx contributed to the creation of the art form. The true history of hip-hop date far back before either account. The true origins of Hip-Hop started in Africa or West Africa and was an art form called toasting. During the Atlantic Slave Trade, The African people were taken to Islands like Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Continents like South America and later brought Africans to America. The African people brought over the knowledge of the art form and the knowledge of the West African origin instruments ...
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Drake Gets New Tattoo of Lil Wayne ~ PIC

by MusicCreedLive on July 25, 2017

drake lil wayne tattoo

We all know that Drake is one of the most talented and currently known stars who came out the Canadian city of Toronto. We all also known for years that Drake ha so much respect and love for his friend and label owner Lil Wayne and it seems that Drake had decided to show fans just how much he loves and respect Lil Wayne.

It was recently revealed that Drake had decided to get his left tricep tattooed with Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Carter's face on it.

The update came when people started noticing that drake had some new end over the weekend during his visit to Houston, Texas for the Houston Appreciation Weekend. The self-proclaimed Champagne Papi was the main event and obviously so was his new artwork.

It must be noted that Drake got several other inks on his body already. The art include pictures of his ...

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Usher Being Sued for $10m By Women For Unprotected Sex While Having Herpes.

by MusicCreedLive on July 22, 2017


It seems Usher is in serious hot water following the revelation that he allegedly paid a women who he supposedly infected with Herpes a while ago to stay quiet over $1M.

Now, it was revealed that the star will probably be facing a $10M lawsuit from another women. The guys over at TMZ revealed that the 38 year-old singer who name is currently unknown stated that the singer had unprotected sex with her but reportedly didn't tell her or inform her that he had herpes.

The accuser revealed that Usher had two sexual encounters with her on April 16 and April 28 of this year. The women revealed that the first sexual encounter took place at the women's Atlanta residence and consisted of her performing oral sex on him and them having intercourse with a condom, the woman claimed in the suit. The women than stated that the ...

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John Heard Dead at 72.

by MusicCreedLive on July 22, 2017


john heard, dead, 72

We've loss a few key people this week already like Linkin Park front Man Chester Bennington from an apparent suicide.

Now it has been revealed that actor John Heard has passed away at the age of 72.

The actor was found in a hotel and was pronounced dead on the scene Friday night, according to the guys over at TMZ.

The actor who was best known for playing the father of the hit family film series, Home Alone and HBO Hit series Sopranos, started his career in the 1970s.

The star recently was stated to have had minor back surgery this week and was recovering at the hotel in Palo Alto, California.

The cause of death of the actor is currently unclear and Reps or family of Heard are yet to respond to the tragedy.




Prodigy, Mobb Deep, Dead at Age 42.

by MusicCreedLive on June 20, 2017
Rapper Prodigy, who was 1/2 of the great rap group Mobb Deep, has passed at the age of 42.
It was revealed that the star, whose real name is Albert Johnso, was on tour in Las Vegas while performing with the "Art of Rap" tour alongside Ghostface Killah, Onyx, KRS-One, and Ice-T, amongst others. Mobb Deep performed Saturday.
The young rapper reportedly suffered from health issues throughout his life, but it was not immediately clear what the cause of death was. However, the star had long suffered from sickle cell anemia, which is a condition in which red blood cells contort into a sickle shape and cause extreme pain before the cells die due to blockage of blood flow, leaving the carrier with a shortage of healthy red blood cells.
"It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we confirm the death of our dear friend Albert Johnson, better ...
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