Want to Contribute to MusicCreedLive?

Want to Contribute to MusicCreedLive?


Come and be a contributor to MusicCreedLive

What is a Contributor (In our site term)? A contributor is a person who writes about new news and adds their own style of writing to MusicCreedLive, while getting full credit and making a huge name for themselves to other companies and becoming targets for potential employers or business propositions.

Exclusive Content

Our content is produced by a reliable sources (including the stars themselves) and passionate Entertainment fans. Only the most dedicated Entertainment specialists dedicated writers get published on MusicCreedLive, offering readers dedicated reading experience with a cutting edge high definition crisp, clean, clear and attractive look. We're cutting through the heart of info and social media and promoting the most passionate pieces from fans.

Who we’re looking for:

You're opinion about what you like, you live to share and your personality shared in your work.

A true writer and lover of Music & or Celebrity News

Someone who just loves to write and release news.

People who love to release new things and see fans take to them in great ways.

People who want to be recognized for their writing skills.

We already have the world's most exclusive and unique site (Only high definition) now we are looking to empower and give notice to the best Entertainment commentators in the world. If you would like to become a contributor, tweet (@musiccreedlive) or email us at contribute@musiccreedlive.com.

11 Reasons to become a contributor

1. MusicCreedLive offers it's writers a choice of which section or category they want to write about. For example, someone who just loves to write about Pop Music can write something and send it for the Rap or someone who has news on Celebrity news can write about what new news they have and get full credit.



Celebrity News:

2. MusicCreedLive offers a growing fan base and growing number of visitors to its authors.

3. We also release news from the site via social networks like Facebook fan page, Twitter, Pinterest and even have superstar, other sites, companies, foundations and more like E! Online, Joyce Meyer, Interscope Records, Born this Way and etc. Companies that might see your handiwork on MusicCreedLive and tweet you a job opportunity and more, which numbers one of the many connections we have at our disposal.

4. We also reach a growing fan base that even hits Africa, Samoa, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia and more.

5. We also offer a list of our contributors, which we've dubbed the contributors list. The name of the contributor will be added to their specific the page they've chosen to write on. For Example, someone who chose to write only on Rap News will be added to the Rap News contributor list. NAME or Social Network alias is acceptable.

6. We offer a way for every contributor to get the attention they want and need or even make a name for themselves and we also offer a way for contributors, who hope to establish his or her voice in a vibrant community of knowledgeable and passionate fans.

7. You will always receive full credit of your work and we made our Authors name MusicCreedLive but your name will be revealed at the end of the post as the full author. EXAMPLE: AUTHOR: Jane or John Doe.

8. Readers still engaging post many months after publication.

9. Our readership and site quality is at the forefront of the Music & Celebrity News world with the most passionate entertainment fans in the world.

10. We also offer an exclusive side post. For Example: you can give a short description of something you want to write about like in Celebrity News section a headline can be OMG! Why did Jane Doe wear this on the beach! The side post could have funny words like WOW something is wrong with this star.

11. You don't have to be a certified author, writer, video maker and etc. to become a contributor. You just have to have true info or news.

Don't forget to email or tweet and send confirmation on which category you want to write in. Beware that you can write in multiple categories if you so choose. Also you can submit articles HERE with pictures, videos and other works. Remember to cite your source if your article didn't come from the source itself. You should also be aware that some articles may not be posted because we may already have information on that particular new news article. In the case that this happens, we will send you a letter stating that we already have the news on this posted.

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