Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Expecting Second Baby Together..

by MusicCreedLive on April 15, 2016
It seems stars Blakely and Ryan Reynolds will be adding a new addition to their happy family.
It had just been confirmed that the two stars are officially expecting their second baby together. A source close to the guys at PEOPLE revealed that:
“Blake is absolutely thrilled and so is Ryan.” Another source has revealed that the actress has stated that Lively is thinking about making her official baby bump premiere on the red carpet at the upcoming Met Gala this May 2. 
Lively, 28, had sparked rumors of her possible pregnancy when the actress was photographed reshooting a scene from her upcoming film titled 'The Shallows.' Lively was spotted dressed in a swimsuit seemingly blocking her lower abdomen behind a robe and surfboard.
Both the stars Reynolds, 39 and Lively, 28, have been open about everything and even decided to open up about their desire to have a big ...
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Nicholas Cage Gets in Fight with Motley Crue's Vince Neil.

by MusicCreedLive on April 8, 2016
nicholas cage and vince neil
This may be unexpected but you have to expect the unexpected in this world.
With that said, phenomenal actor and star Nicholas Cage is said to have gotten into a physical altercation with exceptional vocalist Vince Neil.
It was reveled by our guys over at TMZ that Cage became angered with Neil after the Crue singer allegedly pulled a women to the ground by her hair.
According to law enforcement, the incident took place on Las Vegas strip outside the Aria Hotel at approximately 5PM. “We’re told Nic and Vince were inside when a woman came up to Nic and asked for an autograph,” TMZ writes. “Our sources say Vince allegedly got behind the woman, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground.”
TMZ continued, “The video we got shows the end of a fight between Vince and Nic. Our sources tell us Nic was trying ...
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Kerry Washington: Actress Talks About Cover Not Looking Like She Does.

by MusicCreedLive on April 6, 2016

kerry washington

Actress Kerry Washington is an actress that is known for many different roles she steps into in Hollywood that are but not limited to the 'Fantastic Four' series and tv series 'Scandal'. 

However, still, everyone is beautiful in their own right or every right and Kerry Washington's beauty is uncanny. With that said, the actress who could easily take up modeling if she wanted has graced many covers of many different publications and starred in many commercials for different products on television. 

I must say that throughout her career, Washington is known for being outspoken when she thinks its something worthy to speak about. The actress was yet to speak none compliant with a cover shoot though or that is until now.

adweek kerry washington

Just recently, Washington graced the cover of ADWEEK and it was a beautiful one but even I noticed something seemed a little off. Washington notice and felt ...

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Jesse Williams to Produce & Star in Harry Belafonte Biopic.

by MusicCreedLive on April 2, 2016
harry belafonte
Biopics are films or on screen (rather big or little(tv)) stories about people lives or cinema that basically chronicle the lives, which the lives being chronicled on the screen are usually people who were well known in the world or made a very pivotal impact on the world itself. 
This description is what we will see in a new up and coming biopic about actor and legend Harry Belafonte. Not much was known about the film that was set to chronicle the life of the thespian himself, or that is at least until now.
It is recently revealed that Grey's Anatomy star and activist Jesse Williams has plans to produce and star in a biopic about his fellow civil rights icon and entertainer.
The actors choice to play both the activist and entertainer comes at no surprise seeing that Williams is one of the most active actors in ...
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China Indicts Jackie Chan's Son on Drug Charges.

by MusicCreedLive on December 23, 2014

China Indicts Jackie Chan's Son on Drug Charges.

During this summer, we revealed that son of legendary actor, Jackie Chan, Jaycee Chan had been detained in China on drug charges.

Today, Chinese prosecutors indicted Jaycee Chan Monday on the charge of sheltering others to use drugs, more than four months after he was originally detained. The action film star's son could face up to three years in prison if convicted. Jaycee, 32, was one of several celebrities to be nabbed over the summer after Beijing vowed to take a stand against illegal drugs.

He was detained after police allegedly not only found 100 grams of marijuana in his home but also after he tested positive for the drug. Authorities also arrested Taiwanese movie star Ko Kai at the time after he also admitted to using the drug, but according to reports, he was released after a 14-day administrative detention. Chan, on the other hand, remains in custody ...

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Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Expecting First Child!

by MusicCreedLive on December 16, 2014

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Expecting Child!

A confirmation is one thing that is always needed in the world. Confirmation that things are going okay with yourself and others or confirmation to something you already have been speculating about.

However, good confirmation like someone might be having a baby is one heck of a thing. Without further ado, Joey Fatone has seemingly confirmed that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are expecting their first child.

The confirmation comes weeks after  weeks of speculation that the 32-year-old actress might be pregnant, Timberlake's 'N Sync bandmate is revealing the cute couple are indeed going to be parents. "He told me a while ago, and I kept my mouth shut," Fatone recently told InTouch. "But now I can talk about it!"

"Jessica is awesome, and Justin is a kid at heart," he added. "[They'll have] fun."

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Expecting Child!

While JT and JB have yet to go public with the pregnancy news ...

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Zackary Qunito and Boyfriend Spotted Kissing.

by MusicCreedLive on October 18, 2014
Zackary Qunito and Boyfriend Spotted Kissing.
Zackary Quinto and boyfriend Miles McMillian were recently spotted out and about in NYC on Wednesday when they were caught kissing during a PDA moment.
The 37-year-old Star Trek star looked cool in blue jeans, a white tee and a red and blue button-down shirt while his beau looked equally cool in jeans and a black hoodie. The cute couple hit up a Starbucks in Soho with friends during their outing and McMillan was also toting a bag from specialty shop Dean & DeLuca.
At one point, Quinto and McMillan stopped to lock lips. Quinto even put his arm around his model boyfriend while they gazed at each other.
Quinto and McMillan have been dating for a while now, though Quinto has yet to speak to the media about his longtime beau. Over the summer, Quinto took to Instagram to share an adorable pic of McMillan with the caption, "all this ...
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