Jay-Z & Beyonce Officially Billion Dollar Couple. Jay-Z $850M & Beyonce $350M.

by MusicCreedLive on May 19, 2017
Jay-Z and Beyonce have been a power couple years before they even decided to tie the not about 9 years ago. Most people look at the two as the ideal couple in general. 
The couple has always been in headlines and not a month has passed since they've been together have nothing have been stated about the two. The two were recently in the spotlight for Beyonce being pregnant with twins which will be new editions of their child Blu Ivy Carter. 
Now the two are in the headlines again and this is pertaining to their networks. It has just been revealed that the two have officially gone over the $1B mark and are both worth at exactly $1.16B collectively. Forbes revealed that Jay-Z is now worth $810M and Beyonce is worth $350M. 
Jay-Z was worth at about $610M last year but the extreme boost in his fortunes ...
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Ciara & Russell Wilson Welcomes Baby in the World.

by MusicCreedLive on April 29, 2017
Today is a beautiful day for Russell Wilson and singer Ciara.
The couple has just revealed that they've welcomed a new edition to their world. The new edition is, of course, a baby girl. 
The mom revealed that she'd given birth to a baby girl on Friday, April 28, by sharing the news in an Instagram post showed her cradling her baby bump on a beach. The star wrote: "Dear Sienna Princess Wilson, No matter how big the wave, we will always be your calm in the storm. We Love You. Love, Mommy & Daddy. 7:03 pm. 7lbs 13 oz. 4.28.2017. Photo By Daddy."
The 31, year old announced that her and husband Wilson, 28, were ultimately expecting.  “On this special Birthday I received an abundance of love from friends and family.. and I'm excited to Finally sharing one of the Greatest Gifts of All ...
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Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy Brother, Pass at 57.

by MusicCreedLive on April 12, 2017
Its an extremely sad day today. 
Comedian Charlie Murphy has passed away at the age of 57, the guys at the Associated Press revealed. The star was the older brother of famed comedian Eddie Murphy. Murphy died Wednesday in New York of leukemia, according to his representative, Domenick Nati.
Charlie Murphy had made his film debut in his brother's film "Harlem Nights" and various other roles in film like "Night at the Museum" and several TV shows. He also had his own comedy special called “Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize,” which was released in 2010. He most recently acted as Marshal Williams in the Starz show “Power.”
Murphy was perhaps known more so for his skits involving a fictionalized Rick James character on “Chappelle’s Show.” He often worked closely with his brother, co-writing and acting in Eddie’s projects.
He is survived by their three children. Murphy ...
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Video Premiere: Kendrick Lamar 'Humble.'

by MusicCreedLive on March 31, 2017
Compton's very own native Kendrick Lamar just released the new video for his track 'Humble.' The video utilizes the exceptional tempo beat of the track and adds it to the video style.
Kendrick also tells females that he likes the real look and even admire real hair in an afro and black females and other females loving how their real body are and not trying to change it.
The video is also shot exceptionally well and feature Kendrick even sitting at the table as Jesus next to his disciples and more. 

Many think that this is a complete shot at Detroit's very own Big Sean. However, knowing Kendrick Lamar and the lyrical genius he is, this could be directed at anyone. I will let you decide.
What do you think about the video? Let MusicCreedLive know by commenting below.

Remy Ma Releases Another Nicki Minaj Diss Track.

by MusicCreedLive on March 3, 2017
Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj's ongoing beef is well, still ongoing and it still seems like the whole beef is still a one-way beef. The beef that started over a misunderstanding between the two parties had escalated into a full-blown competition.
Nicki Minaj released a track that featured Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, which the track took shots at Remy Ma and received somewhat mixed reviews. However, Remy Ma responded with an extremely harsh diss track toward Nicki that was titled 'shETHER.' In this critically acclaimed track, Ma decided to rap off Nas instrumental for his classic diss track titled 'Ether.'
Remy took shots that seemingly hit its mark on the track. Ma talked about Nicki Minaj and former boyfriend, Meek Mill's relationship and enlightened the world on the information Meek Mill told her about the sexual exploits of him and Nicki and Nicki's alleged fake ass. Remy ...
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Migos feat. 2 Chainz "Deadz" {WATCH}

by MusicCreedLive on February 24, 2017
Migos is without one of the coolest rap outings there is right now. The Atlanta native group of family members who are Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset, released the video for their unbelievably cool track 'Bad and Boujee". The video already reached well over 200M views in no time. 
Now, the Migos may top their last single with the new video for their single 'Deadz.' The new track includes phenomenal rapper and style enthusiast 2 Chainz. The visual is far too cool. The visual features the exceptional all-black orchestra from Atlanta known as Orchestra Noir. The visual also show Dead Presidents in caskets with Benjamin Franklin, who was not a president but was allegedly an important delegate in American history.

Migos just can't stop. The styling of the video is phenomenal. The trio is known for bringing style to anything they do and the video visuals they've put out ...
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Diddy Becomes Hip-Hop's First Billionaire.

by MusicCreedLive on February 22, 2017
The rap industry has its first billionaire.
For a while now, the likes of Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Russell Simmons, 50 Cent and more had fought for the top of the richest man in hip hop list. They've also had a recent private war that featured rapped trying to fight for the title of being the first Hip-Hop billionaire.
A couple years ago, many fans believed that the man who would take the mantle as the first billionaire would be none other than Dr. Dre. This was steaming from the star selling the very lucrative company Beats By Dre to Apple and also given a position in the company.
However, today it was just revealed that the first Hip-Hop billionaire is none other than mogul and businessman Sean Combs also known as Diddy. Diddy released a video of himself telling a quick story of how he grew up in poverty ...
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