Eminem Rips Apart Donald Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards in Cypher.

October 11, 2017
 Eminem Rips Apart Donald Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards in Cypher, celebrity news, music news, musiccreedlive, BET
BET's annual Hip Hop Awards is, of course, a yearly event that showcases and award the latest artist in the hip-hop and rap industry. 
The Award also has another piece to its magnificent 
event. The piece I speak of is called a cypher, which is a segment where rappers and rappresses alike both go in and do something that is called freestyle where the artist raps from simply their head and make things up as they go along showcasing their lyrical skill and execution.
Well, this year's BET Awards brought out one of the best rappers of all time Eminem and Eminem are not only known for being a phenomenal rapper but also a bit of a controversial one also. Eminem did what he does best and let his skills fly during the freestyle. However, during this particular freestyle, Eminem talked about Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick and even how he supports the whole movement to boycott the NFL. 
The whole clip can be viewed below via BET:

Eminem's cypher caused a lot of controversies and even started to trend. Many of his fans revealed that now they are standing with Trump and not with him while some others stated that if they had to decide that they will stand alongside Eminem than Trump himself. 
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