Diddy Named Forbes 'Greatest Business Mind'!

September 21, 2017
Diddy Named Forbes 'Greatest Business Mind'!
Diddy is the wealthiest person in hip-hop currently and is one of the wealthiest people in the world. However, it seems he can add another title to his name. It was just revealed that Diddy has been named one of the greatest Business Minds in the world or top 100 Greatest Business Minds Living.
“Today @Forbes released the 100 Greatest Business Minds Alive and I’m blessed to be one of them,” Diddy tweeted early Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 20). “Last night was historic. I was the only African American on a stage of the brightest business minds of the world.”
Diddy talked about when he first started his business and how his customer service skills shaped his multi-million dollar businesses throughout the years. “I started my business career at the age of 12, delivering newspapers." “I had a lot of elderly customers, so I would always put the newspaper in between the screen door and the door — that caring made me different, made me better than the last paperboy.”
Diddy is also one of the leaders of the Black Excellence movement which promotes Black business and views of having black companies, black banks, and blacks having power in the world. Still, Diddy also revealed that he is the only Black American on stage as one of the brightest minds. 
Nice Diddy!!
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