KKK Threatens XXXTentacion Over "Look at Me" Video.

September 15, 2017
kkk threatens xxx
It seems that rapper XXXTentacion's new video for his extremely powerful and muscle moving track "Look At Me", has stirred up a few people. The video was under fire by some but praised by many others from the surprising message it had featured. XXX is known for being over the top and not that positive. However, he featured black men being hung in the video and later a kid being hung. However, this is when the outrage came because the video featured XXX also hanging a white kid. 
Many people looked at what XXX did was a message showing that hurting anyone is bad seeing that the Black American people have received much worse at the hands of people of the world especially America. It revealed the mentality or mental illness called black hate, which is an epidemic that circles around everyone hating blacks for no apparent reason and couldn't give a reason why they hate blacks if their lives depended on it. Some also stated XXX showed how it feels seeing someone else kid be hung and how much it hurts even though the practice was viewed years prior. 
All in all, the video got the attention of the hate group known as the KKK who took offense to the hanging of the white kid even though they did many other extremely heinous acts throughout the decades against others more so blacks. X revealed a voicemail that he received from a member of the group. It is unclear how the star's number was obtained but the voicemail  "Yeah. motherf**ker. listen, you got me involved now and I'm gonna hunt that a** down,” the man said in a noticeably aggressive tone. He also addressed particular imagery used in X’s video. "You want to kill white people? Do you want to kill Black people? You want to play with the K, motherf**ker,” he asked. “We're gonna tear your mothaf**kin' a** down, b***h. We're coming for ya.”
Even though the rapper received the threat, I really doubt that he is worried in any manner. I believe the rapper and many like he live now by the rules of if you try to hurt me I will hurt you back. 
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