Drake Gets New Tattoo of Lil Wayne ~ PIC

July 25, 2017

drake lil wayne tattoo

We all know that Drake is one of the most talented and currently known stars who came out the Canadian city of Toronto. We all also known for years that Drake ha so much respect and love for his friend and label owner Lil Wayne and it seems that Drake had decided to show fans just how much he loves and respect Lil Wayne.

It was recently revealed that Drake had decided to get his left tricep tattooed with Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Carter's face on it.

The update came when people started noticing that drake had some new end over the weekend during his visit to Houston, Texas for the Houston Appreciation Weekend. The self-proclaimed Champagne Papi was the main event and obviously so was his new artwork.

It must be noted that Drake got several other inks on his body already. The art include pictures of his mom and father, one with late great singer Aaliyah and 2 of the other exceptional great singer Sade.

Many may not thing so but Drake getting the tattoo may make a little sense. Drake is on Wayne's label aka Young Money and they've been extremely cool and tight for years and Wayne famously took Drake under his wing and singed him even though he came out with a mixtape that sounded like a full blown album.

If getting body art doesn't prove his loyalty to his friend than I don’t know what will.

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