Usher Being Sued for $10m By Women For Unprotected Sex While Having Herpes.

July 22, 2017


It seems Usher is in serious hot water following the revelation that he allegedly paid a women who he supposedly infected with Herpes a while ago to stay quiet over $1M.

Now, it was revealed that the star will probably be facing a $10M lawsuit from another women. The guys over at TMZ revealed that the 38 year-old singer who name is currently unknown stated that the singer had unprotected sex with her but reportedly didn't tell her or inform her that he had herpes.

The accuser revealed that Usher had two sexual encounters with her on April 16 and April 28 of this year. The women revealed that the first sexual encounter took place at the women's Atlanta residence and consisted of her performing oral sex on him and them having intercourse with a condom, the woman claimed in the suit. The women than stated that the singer who is currently married to Gracie Miguel, had not used a protection the second time they encountered each other in a hotel in New Orleans.

The women is suing Usher in connection with negligence, battery and emotional distress, says Usher 'exposed' her to the virus, but did not confirm whether or not she's tested positive for it.

Usher was first allegedly 'exposed to herpes' in 2009 or 2010, the legal documents show,  around the time when finalized his divorce to Tameka Foster after she accused him of cheating.

Foster is not believed to have contracted the virus; Usher has yet to make a public statement on the matter.

The singer has been married to current wife Gracie since 2015. There is no suggestion that Gracie had contracted the virus, which can be transmitted through oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. The video can also be transmitted even when a carrier does not have any visible signs. It was also stated that the virus can be present but lay dormant.

On a side not, make sure to visit the doctor or your physician regularly and get a checkup just in case.











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