Austin Jones, YouTube Star, Arrested on Child Pornography Charges.

June 14, 2017
It seems yet another star has been caught doing unthinkable things. The latest is Austin Jones, YouTube star with well over 500K subscribers to his channel. The star was revealed to have been arrested Monday night on child pornography charges. 
Known for his acapella covers of pop songs of many different pop stars, the 24-year-old was charged with two counts of production of child pornography. According to the guys at the Chicago Sun-Times, who were the ones who initially broke the update, Jones is now scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a detention hearing and he must remain in federal custody until then because, according to prosecutors, the singer is a "risk to the community and there's a danger he'll flee."
Now, if Jones is convicted, he will face up to 15 years behind bars. Court docs obtained by the aforementioned newspaper outline how Jones was allegedly in communication with a pair of underage females in August of 2016 and May of this year.
It was revealed that a resident of Bloomingdale, Illinois, Jones had been taken into custody at O'Hare Airport by Customs and Border Patrol and Homeland Security agents. He reportedly gave a recorded interview at the scene in which he confessed to the charges against him and in May of 2015, Jones issued a lengthy statement/apology in regard to allegations that he lied about his age to solicit "twerking" videos from underage girls.
"I'm embarrassed," Jones said on Facebook, adding at the time:
"I'd have conversations online with girls that would involve me asking them to create a video of themselves twerking. Sometimes I'd make videos of myself doing some twerk moves in return.
Here's the truth: I NEVER asked them to do anything more than send a twerking video. Nothing EVER went beyond that."
Continued Jones by way of explanation two years ago:
"I've been in therapy, seeking help to discover why I communicated with my fans in a way that I have come to fully realize was not appropriate...
"To anyone that I have made feel uncomfortable or awkward, I am deeply sorry for the hurt and shame I may have caused you."
He concluded:
"To those who have and will continue to support me, please know I never meant to let you down and I am doing everything I can - with the help of my family and friends - to pick myself back up and be a better person.
"Thanks for believing in me. Please be good to each other and we’ll see each other soon."
As stated above, Jones achieved fame by doing covers of Popstars songs. He covered the like of Justin Bieber, Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy; his videos have garnered over 25 million views since he started his YouTube page in 2007.
The star then decided to move onto doing an EP which he released back in 2014 and was titled " We'll Fall Together." According to his account on Instagram, Jones was just recently performing in Poland. According to this full criminal complaint, he was said to have asked one 14-year old girl to send him 10 videos of herself exposing her body, telling her what to wear and how to dance in them.
In a conversation last August with another Victim, Jones reportedly acknowledged the girl was 14 and he was 23 at the time. Jones supposedly said to her that if she was lucky, she would get to perform a sex act on him. FBI stated that the girl had sent him 25 videos, including eight of her exposing her genitals. Jones had later admitted to requesting and receiving videos from the victims, and he even reportedly admitted requesting and receiving videos from the victims, and he admitted it was for nothing more than sexual pleasure, based on the complaint. 
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