Isis Claim Attack on Manchester - Over 22 Dead, 60 Injured At Ariana Grande Concert at Manchester Arena.

May 23, 2017
Yesterday, the world was shocked to find out that a bomb was exploded in Manchester Arena during the concert of pop star and actress Ariana Grande. The Manchester officials have ruled the bombing a terrorist attack and the culprits behind the attack are none other than Isis who claimed responsibility. 
It was reported that at least 9 people were killed and many more injured. Now, we report that there are now said to be over 22 deaths and well over 60 people injured from the attack. Greater Manchester Police even reported that some of the causalties were children. 
A separate report came just before 8 am today local time which it revealed: "This has been the most horrific incident we have had to face in Greater Manchester and one that we all hoped we would never see," Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said. The injured are being treated at eight hospitals across Greater Manchester.
NBC reports "Multiple U.S. officials say U.K. authorities suspect Manchester incident was conducted by a suicide bomber." CBS has also reported that the explosions contained nails. 
Grande's representatives had confirmed that she was okay and her team is further investigating what happened. According to British Transport Police, an explosion took place within the Manchester Arena's foyer area at 10:30 p.m. local time. The foyer area is connected to the Manchester Victoria station adjacent to the venue and contains the arena's box office, as well as a McDonald's. Manchester Victoria station is Manchester's second largest train station. 
The explosion took place shortly after Grande finished her concert as fans exited the arena. 
This thing is a huge disaster. 
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