Jay-Z & Beyonce Officially Billion Dollar Couple. Jay-Z $850M & Beyonce $350M.

May 19, 2017
Jay-Z and Beyonce have been a power couple years before they even decided to tie the not about 9 years ago. Most people look at the two as the ideal couple in general. 
The couple has always been in headlines and not a month has passed since they've been together have nothing have been stated about the two. The two were recently in the spotlight for Beyonce being pregnant with twins which will be new editions of their child Blu Ivy Carter. 
Now the two are in the headlines again and this is pertaining to their networks. It has just been revealed that the two have officially gone over the $1B mark and are both worth at exactly $1.16B collectively. Forbes revealed that Jay-Z is now worth $810M and Beyonce is worth $350M. 
Jay-Z was worth at about $610M last year but the extreme boost in his fortunes came from his exceptional strategic planning and creative skills also known as his exceptional business ventures. Hov recently made a $200M deal with Live Nation, which was one of the things that boosted his net worth. 
Both fortunes are expected to rise drastically in the upcoming months seeing that many fans expect Beyonce to go back into making her iconic music and Jay-Z, even though he is iconic in general, is expected to focus on more and more lucrative business ventures. 
In addition to the Carter family reaching the $1B mark, their philanthropy is still atop their priority list, with Jay-Z recently teaming up with eBay for a charitable cause and Beyoncé being named 2016's most charitable celebrity.
Their generosity, combined with their incredible contributions to an industry that they have devoted their creative lives to, is part of why it is nearly impossible to hate on 'em. After all, what is real cannot be threatened.
Congrats both!
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