Chris Brown Released on $250K Bail After Assault Charges.

August 31, 2016
Chris Brown was released from a LA jail late Tuesday night on a womping $250K bail just hours after the singer was arrested for allegedly threatening a women with a weapon following a daylong standoff with police.
The singer is scheduled for arraignment on the charge on September 20th at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, NBC Los Angeles reports.
Following Browns release on bail, the singer's attorney Mark Geragos tweeted this: "Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes. Chris is out and well. The allegations against him are demonstrably false #TeamBreezy."
Around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, police officers responded to a questionable call in Brown's Tarzana neighborhood from a woman claiming that Brown pointed a gun at her in a rage. The woman was said to have ran out of Brown's mansion and phoned police.
In a series of now-deleted Instagram videos Brown posted while authorities were obtaining a search warrant for the singer's mansion, he maintained his innocence and said he awoke to his house surrounded by police. "At the same time, when I call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't come until the next day," Brown said. "Then somebody make a fucked up allegation about me, and oh yeah the whole fucking SWAT team."
Brown's standoff with police would not be resolved until Tuesday afternoon.
Since the incident, Brown's accuser, a woman named Baylee Curran, has spoken to several news agencies about the situation. As Curran told Extra, she and a "business partner" went to Brown's house to "simply have a business conversation." At one point, Curran claims, an associate of Brown's brought out a sampling of jewelry, including a diamond cross necklace that Curran admired. The associate then began "cussing, yelling, calling me names, saying, ‘Get away from the diamonds,'" Curran said.
It was stated that soon after, Brown allegedly entered the room. "Chris came in, pulled out his gun and said, 'I'm getting so sick of you people,' pointed the gun at me, said to 'get the f out of the house,'" Curran said. "Something to that sort of 'I'm gonna pop a cap.' I don't know."
After leaving the house, Curran realized she didn't have her cellphone, since the device was confiscated upon entering Brown's home. When Brown's associates returned with her phone, they also asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which Curran refused to do. She alleges that she then snatched back her cellphone and ran away, hiding under a neighbor's SUV.
"I went to the left side of the street, went up a couple houses, was running," Curran said. "That's when the neighbors heard the commotion and saw me out there and then called the police, and that is when I then called the police."
During the police standoff, Brown had stated that the incident took place  "two uninvited guests" showed up to his house. However, in a separate TMZ interview, Curran said that she had visited Brown's mansion several times in the past.
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