Kylie Jenner Posts Sexy New Pic in Underwear on Moms 60th Birthday

November 6, 2015
Kylie Jenner Posts Sexy New Pic in Underwear.
Kendall has her Calvins. And Kylie has her black Moschinos. The question many fans of the two could ask is how do we know? 
Its rather simple when the duo usually post pictures showing off their great bods in their undies, which both look really good in them.
It seems that Kylie is just one a head of her big sister because she just posted a new edition to her undies all across Instagram and I dare say again that those undies don't do her any justice.
The 18-year-old posted a pic on Instagram Thursday in which she wears just a white tank and a pair of Moschino briefs, accessorized with a few Cartier bracelets.
Kylie Jenner Posts Sexy New Pic in
She captioned the photo above with a strawberry emoji and “(ps broken nail),” which is apparently all the justification a young style star needs to strip down for Insta. To confirm, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s middle finger nail is really broken and much shorter than her usual tip length.
The picture comes the same day Kylie's mother, Kris, turns 60. I wonder what Kris has to say about the whole thing. No matter the case, nice look Kylie and happy birthday Kris..
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